Apple iPhone

Engadget has excellent coverage of Steve Jobs' Macworld 2007 keynote delivered earlier today. And, here's the New York Times story.

Apple iPhone

This device is seriously cool and represents an important and highly desirable step towards ambient findability. Looks like my next Treo will be an iPhone. Heck, I might even dump my Dell laptop for a MacBook.

I dont doubt the samsung 707 sync will become free within a couple of months(right now its at 28 bucks), so I strongly agree with the guy that mentioned that a free phone its not worth it if bought straight from carrier, I have seen the nokia 6133 all the way to 70 dollars and thats after rebate and as a free phone they offer the 6030 what a crappy trade off for lazy people that dont want to walk into a retail store.

The iPhone name was a bad choice anyways.

If they chose to call their computers 'Mac' and their music player 'iPod', why on earth are they calling their phone 'phone'?

Even Microsoft has learned from this with the Zune. Apple should come up with a more imaginative name IMHO

I like the iPhone multi-touch technology for easy navigation. This will be the next PDA generation.

It seems that Apple TV does not perform well on some HD TVs which should be fixed, because not everyone has bought a HD TV at home.

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