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After years of loyal service, findability.org has retired. This is the last post. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement over the past nine years. Peter Morville is now blogging over at intertwingled.org. See you there!

Sanibel Island

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Finding Intertwingled

Intertwingled is now available in print and digital formats on Amazon. Ironically, it's hard to find via Amazon's search. In the US, the ebook is hidden. In the UK, it's the paperback that's unfindable. But I'm not upset. Amazon is in the process of linking the print and Kindle versions. This happens with every book. Most authors are patient enough to wait. Anyway, I'm still amazed by the fact that by pressing a couple of buttons, I was able to publish a book in multiple formats and countries, virtually overnight.


If you think you might buy the book but still need a gentle nudge, I'm hoping this sample of advance praise might do the trick.

Intertwingled is a meditation on the connectedness of everything. From language and ontology to culture and strategy, Peter takes us on a journey that reveals how a simple change in what we take for granted can send ripples that reach far beyond our awareness.
– Irene Au, Operating Partner, Khosla Ventures
In the information age, we are all information architects, says Morville in this fresh and fascinating take on the discipline he played a huge part in creating. Drawing on nature, culture, history, and science, plus decades of deep personal experience helping major clients, Morville finds new and profound meaning in the business of helping users to find their way.
– Jeffrey Zeldman, author, Designing with Web Standards
MIND BLOWN OPEN, rearranged, and reshaped. This startling book took me on a twisty adventure in how to think, see, design, and experience the world differently. It's like stepping through a door to a shifted universe that's richer, deeper, and more connected. And, Peter reveals practical ideas and insights about how to build understanding and cope with complexity. Say goodbye to your current self when you start this book, because you won't be the same person by the end of the journey.
– Kathy Sierra, author, Badass: Making Users Awesome

Thanks for your interest and support. I hope you enjoy being Intertwingled.

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Intertwingled: The Book Tour

I'm writing the final chapter of Intertwingled (available September) and starting to plan talks at conferences. Here's a draft description.

The Architecture of Understanding
If we hope to move forward, the UX community must go deep. We've been seduced by surface at the expense of understanding. We think we're designing software, websites, and experiences. But we're not. We are agents of change.
Until we accept this mission, we will forever repeat our mistakes. How can we work together when we're divided by silos? How will we innovate while blinded by cultural illiteracy? The things we make are reflections of the language we use and the ways we organize ourselves. It's time to stop twittering about unicorns and start shaping strategy. It's time to be architects of understanding.
In this spirited tour of information architecture, organizational strategy, and systems thinking, Peter Morville draws from his new book, Intertwingled, to reveal how everything is connected from code to culture. It's a trip into the wilderness of cognition and complexity that delivers a simple message: the UX community can change the world, but only if we have the courage to go deep.

So, what do you think? And where should I give this talk? Thanks!

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