Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor

This weekend, my daughters and I went hunting for magic fairy doors on the streets of Ann Arbor. Claire, 7 years old, was in charge of wayfinding. It was her first real experience using a map. She did well. We found six of eight doors.

Fairy Doors

Claudia, 4 years old, was the first to spot a couple of the fairy doors. It helps to be close to the ground. Later, after a snack, we went online to learn more about Ann Arbor's urban fairies. The girls (and their dad) had a lot of fun!


What a great story. Glad to see you, Claire and Claudia found the fairy doors. Did you see any faries along the way?

It's so cool to involve your kids in wayfinding and work/fun activities. Ann Arbor is a great place for that.

All the best!


Thank you for sharing the fairy doors. I'm glad to see them living in harmony with the urban humans. I'll be looking for them where I live from now on!