Everyware is Here

It's time to celebrate. March is over, Spring has sprung, and Everyware has arrived. For everyone who shapes the user experience, or cares about the future, this little blue book by Adam Greenfield is required reading.


Everyware shifts the conversation about ubiquitous computing from technology to humanity, asking difficult questions about the nature of the future we might wish to invent. Some of my favorite bits include:

  • Exploration of how everyware acts at the scale of the body, the room, the building, and the street (theses 12-15).
  • Discussion of bridges between atoms and bits, illustrated by the real-world hyperlinks of Semapedia (thesis 64).
  • Argument for "plausible deniability, including, above all, imprecision of location" (thesis 75).

Anyone attending Bruce Sterling's Spime Watch knows the time to think critically about the internet of objects and the socially dangerous technology of ubicomp is now. So, for us all, it's a blessing that Everyware is here.