The Sharp Edge of Metaphor

Inspired by the garden of a dead, blind, Argentine activist and librarian named Jorge Luis Borges, I recently wrote A Garden of Forking Paths. It's a strange, semantic rollercoaster that's best experienced on an empty stomach. I also sprinkled a bit of metaphor into this UBC Google Scholar Interview. I hope the Pony Express doesn't get me into hot water. Okay. I'm done.

I thought this was odd. What brought the garden concept to the front of your head?

I recently started a wiki and a link blog, both narrowly not named "the garden" and "forking paths", respectively.

I was inspired by a quote from Heidegger: "To dwell is to garden."

The last chapter of Ambient Findability begins with a quote from the Garden of Forking Paths:

"No one realized that the book and the labyrinth were one and the same."

It's a nice way of summing up the imminent intertwingling of physical and digital spaces.

That's what got me into the garden. And this odd article gave me an excuse to dwell for a while.