My geoweb journey continues with A VerySpatial Podcast. On topic resources include OnPoint, All Things Considered, Where 2.0, and GeoTec.

In related news, ambient findability was mentioned in a recent LA Times magazine article (free registration required):

A key feature of the successful neologism, says Metcalf, is that it is instantly comfortable and familiar, easy to wrap one's tongue around. Thus the seeming inevitability of "regift" and the snowball's-chance of "ambient findability," referring to the pervasive access to even the most esoteric info on which one would, um, snack.

This inspired me to coin spatiosemantic (zero Google hits as of January 16, 2006) which is a mashup that describes the impending collision of space and meaning on the geospatial web. As we increasingly place tags in space in a geocoding frenzy that spans the globe, I'm confident that spatiosemantic (and findability) will soon join labradoodle, podcast, and wiki in the OED.