Ambient Findability Roundup

The book has been publicly available for less than a week. Only a few days if you count shipping. I'm dying for feedback, but hardly anyone's had a chance to read it. I've been spending way too much time checking the Amazon Sales Rank and scouring Technorati, Google Blog Search, and PubSub for reviews. So, I might as well share what I've found:

Towards Findability by Tim Boyd.

Ambient Findability and the Google Economy by Casey Bisson.

Must Read: Ambient Findability by Casey Bisson.

What We Find Changes Who We Become by Gary Hayes.

Ambient Findability by Raymond Brigleb.

And I did notice the Lemur at Web 2.0 (hiding just beneath the fold). So, thanks for the generous reviews and links and emails. Please keep them coming!

Craig Newmark of craigslist recommends the lemur:

Now, that's pretty cool.