Intertwingled: The Book

Update 08/04/14: Here's a much better description of the book. Also, if you want an email when it becomes available in a few weeks, let me know.

Update 08/16/14: Intertwingled is now available via Amazon.

Whether it's a marathon, a mountain, or a massive IA challenge, I'm always at my best while on a quest. So, I've decided to write a book. Again.

This book -- Intertwingled -- is about designing information systems, and understanding the nature of information in systems. It's about strange loops and invisible links at the crossroads of information architecture and systems thinking. It's about the complex relationship between strategy and structure.

In my work, conversations about a new feature or better interface offer rich lessons in connectedness. How will it work on mobile? Will this fly in our CMS? What about SEO? Who is responsible? How do we measure success?

When Ted Nelson wrote in 1974 that "everything is deeply intertwingled" he was inspired by hypertext and the non-sequential structure of ideas. I hope to build from there by following the links all the way from code to culture.

Everything is Deeply Intertwingled

Writing about the intertwingling of pace layers will not be easy, and to make things even harder, I've decided to self-publish this book. I have nothing but good things to say about O'Reilly Media. I simply want to try something new.

The book will be published in print and digital formats in 2014. I make this public commitment trusting that you will hold my feet to the fire. Writing is a lonely quest, but I know I won't be alone. On the journey, I will seek out my collaborators. Eventually, hopefully, happily, I will find my readers.

Until then, I must rely upon my passion and perseverance, and upon your engagement and encouragement. So, if you have a question or a suggestion or a kind word, now would be a great time to let me know. Thanks!

Peter, best wishes on your new challenge. Can't wait to read "Intertwingled"!

Thanks Jorge! And, thanks to all the folks who have responded via Twitter and Facebook and email. Your support means a great deal. Cheers!

Like the title. Creating something from nothing is truly admirable. Have fun.

The writing process is an amazing creative act; always harder than it seems to express and explain and contribute something of lasting value. Looking forward to it.

-Harry Max