The Last Ironman

On Saturday, I successfully completed my first (and last) Ironman 70.3. It was an amazing experience: a well-organized event, perfect weather, and my wonderful family to cheer me over the finish. But I'll never do it again.


It's not that the triathlon itself was difficult. In fact, after all the pre-race worry, it was fun to swim, bike, and run. I simply don't want to put that much time and energy into training. So, after a decade of upping from 5k to 10 mile, half-marathon, marathon, olympic triathlon, and half-ironman, I'm done. I've climbed my highest mountain. I'm ready to downshift. To pass the time, I'll do something easy. For instance, I may write another book...

Strange Connections

Early in my training, after a nasty bike injury, I nearly quit. I found the inspiration to go on from several sources including this book and video.

I've joined the advisory council of SJSU SLIS and am looking forward to their upcoming (free) virtual conference, Library 2.012, in early October.

Tomorrow, I'm bound for Glacier National Park to witness some glaciers before they disappear. And yes, I may even climb some mountains.

Congratulations Peter!

I meant to say this yesterday in response to your tweet.

I joined a gym a month ago. This morning I did a session with a personal trainer. I suspect I'll ache tomorrow - she kicked my butt!

I understand not wanting to get sucked into the amount of time required to do these sorts of things all the time. In any event, I'd rather have a new book by you anyway!

Have a great week!

Thanks Gary! The ache means you're doing it right :-)

Congrats on completing your first and last Ironman Peter. And enjoy Glacier! One of my favorites places. Hope you get to see both the East and West side. We climbed Grinnell Glacier over 20 years ago.

Thanks Deborah. I stayed in the Swiftcurrent Cabins (near the Many Glacier Hotel) and made it up to see Grinnell Glacier. Here are some photos.

Bravo, my friend! Can not wait to buy you lunch tomorrow, and hear more details.