Information Architecture Events

I'm looking forward to some great IA events next year. In February, there's the first ever World IA Day in 14 cities worldwide (including Ann Arbor). And in March in New Orleans, there's the thirteenth annual IA Summit with an impressive lineup of keynotes and workshops. Samantha Starmer and I will be leading a full-day workshop on Design for Cross-Channel Experiences.

The gap between physical and digital has blurred. We buy a Wii to get in shape. We read books and newspapers on Kindles. We unlock car doors with iPhones that double as GPS navigation devices. And, we order online for in-store pickup. Increasingly, people expect to be able to interact with products and services when and where and how they want -- and that's not always on your website.
The future of design is everywhere. Customer journeys encompass a growing array of physical and digital touchpoints. In response, user experience practitioners must design for holistic, integrated experiences that bridge multiple platforms, channels, and devices.
In this interactive full-day workshop, Peter Morville and Samantha Starmer will provide specific tools and recommendations for designing for the complete experience lifecycle across channels and touchpoints. You will leave the day ready to integrate cross-channel design techniques into your toolkit.

We hope to see you at both events. Looks like a great start to 2012!