Boston Marathon

I ran the Boston Marathon. That's why we do it. To say those five words. In running circles, qualifying for the world's oldest marathon affords bragging rights. And, I must confess that after the success of my first marathon, further ego gratification was a significant part of my mission.

Peter Morville

But my second marathon didn't go according to plan. I got off to a strong start and felt good through the Wellesley Scream Tunnel, but by mile 20, it was my knees that were screaming, and I was seriously fearing a DNF.

So, for the first time ever in a race, I walked. I walked up Heartbreak Hill. I walked past the Citgo Sign. I walked past thousands of cheering fans, whilst thousands of runners passed me. It was a difficult, chastening experience.

But, I was one of the fastest walkers. And I did finish. And my Mum, Dad, and Sister were waiting at the end to celebrate. And I received wonderful messages from friends. Heck, I even got a word of support from AOTUS.

Upon reflection, I wouldn't change a moment of my marathon, because it's not about winning or running fast or even about finishing the race.

A marathon is about trying something difficult, giving it your best, and being truly inspired and humbled by those who cheer you on.

Count on there being a coterie of us cheer-ers along these paths you're running, Peter. I didn't used to think of sideline cheering as "participation," but to the extent that what you the runner/writer/leader get out of it is a humbling sort of inspiration ... that's exactly what *we* the people cheering and reading and being led get out of your arduous marathon-ing. So yeah: more marathons please!

Even after all these years, every Patriot's Day I get a rush reliving the Boston Marathon experience. Welcome to the club!

Thanks Dan and David!

Congrats! That's _mighty_. You've absolutely got bragging rights for qualifying and running _Boston_. What an experience, even if not according to plan. As a long-time runner, I know what's involved. And as a one-time marathoner, I know the crazy rush of emotions. I'm thrilled for you! Hope the recovery is going well...

Thanks Scott! I'm fully enjoying the recovery which features post-marathon carbo-loading with good food and beer :-)