Ubicomp Sketchbook

After hanging out with Dave Gray in Savannah in February, I was inspired to improve my visual thinking and sketching skills, so I bought Sketchbook Pro and a Bamboo Tablet, dug out an old Moleskine I'd never used, and signed up for a drawing class at the Ann Arbor Art Center.

Six months later, I'd made a bit of progress with the notebook but none with the tablet. And the drawing class? I quit after a few weeks. Too stressful!

That's why our Ubicomp Sketchbook Collaboration makes sense. Because it's Dave's fault. And now, he's making me use the tools he inspired me to buy.

Ubicomp Sketchbook

Seriously, I'm really looking forward to sketching the future. We'll be building on ideas from Ambient Findability, Smart Things, and Everyware. And, we'll be using strange words and phrases like intertwingularity, spime, information shadows, synthetic synesthesia, and Ubiquitous Service Design.

We'll use words and pictures, and we'll even try a bit of design fiction. We also hope you'll join us by sharing your sketches and ideas. To follow along, just keep an eye out for the #ubicompsketchbook hashtag (and Flickr tag).