User Experience People 2.0

If you liked the first set of UX Stencils, you'll love what Jeffery Callender has done with Version 2.0 (available now on Graffletopia) which includes abstract figures, stylized people, guys, gals, arrows, and caricatures.

User Experience People 2.0

Yes. In case you hadn't noticed, we've got a few famous folks in the collection. If you think you can name them all correctly, send me an email (by 5 pm EDT Oct 6) with your guesses, and we'll enter you in a raffle to win one of three copies of Search Patterns. Thanks for playing!

Update #1: UX People for Axure (Widget Library)

Update #2: Winners Announced!

Update #3: More Formats (Thanks Livia)

Strange Connections

My Ubiquitous Information Architecture slides from IDEA 2010.

The winners of our contest are: Johanna Kollmann, Steve Martin, and Veronica Erb. We'll be sending you a signed copy of Search Patterns.


The correct answers are: A) Albert Einstein, B) Steve Jobs, C) Jakob Nielsen, D) Kristina Halvorson, E) Richard Saul Wurman, F) Jesse James Garrett, G) Whitney Hess, H) Jared Spool.

Now, the fascinating statistics:

* 47% of our entrants guessed 100% of the UX People correctly.

* Halvorson, Wurman, and Hess were the hardest (5 wrong for each).

* Spool was the easiest. Nobody guessed wrong for Jared.

* Einstein was mistaken for Eric Reiss.

* Halvorson was mistaken for Livia Labate.

* Hess was mistaken for Christina Wodtke. Twice.

* Wurman was mistaken for Don Norman. Three times.

That's all folks. Thanks for playing!

Although one is not suppose to argue with the jury, I would argue that Terry Winograd has meant more for UX than Albert Einstein. And their avatar both will look the same. ;>)

But Einstein derived the information architecture of the universe! :-)

I only got Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and Jared Spool.

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