User Experience People

For the butterfly book, Jeff and I aspired to bring search to life through colorful illustrations. And, we shared them in the Search Patterns Library.

User Experience People

In the same spirit of open source, we're pleased to publish our first version of user experience stencils for Omnigraffle. Whether you're sketching scenarios or drawing maps, we hope they'll help you to put people in the picture. Take them for a spin, and please let us know what you think!

Update: User Experience People 2.0, More Formats (Thanks Livia)

Strange Connections

Ubiquitous Service Design is our most recent collaboration.

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New interview and a chance to win a copy of Search Patterns.

Thanks for these Peter (and Jeff); I reckon they'll prove very handy. Can I please clarify the licence you're releasing these under - is it Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 like the other Search Patterns illustrations?

Excellent question! Yes, for now, let's go with Attribution 2.0...

...of course, our primary intent is to put these stencils out there for people to use and adapt, so unless you're integrating these into an official for-profit publication (e.g., book, movie), please don't worry about attribution. And, if you have questions, suggestions, or concerns, let us know. Thanks!