Search Patterns T-Shirt

We're excited to be giving away hundreds of shirts thanks to our contest sponsor Endeca plus a whole bunch of books thanks to O'Reilly Media.

Search Patterns T-Shirt

In sync with these events (SXSW, IA Summit, Enterprise Search Summit), we'll run three editions of the contest. You don't need to attend to win, but you'd do well to follow me on Twitter. Each edition will begin with a tweet.

We'll announce book winners here and via Twitter, and we'll notify t-shirt winners directly by email. Also, if we need to clarify or change the rules (see also: Calvinball) we'll do that here too. Good luck!

Enterprise Search Summit, Final Edition

The book winners must send me their name, twitter handle, and mailing address so we can ship your books. Our book winners are:

@amit_sathe @cerasoli @davidmead @dericloh @DiogoCosentino @dlemen @ebuie @GaryJAnderson @GGFM @jaganadhg @jcelgin @juanjosaurio @launchabomb @lbrt @leonkadoch @LukanX @milissa @mrydsbo @PaulBrayford @plumbinfo @RaelinM @roodvosje @stratosferik @treith @Vsmoothe

Shirt winners will be notified directly. Congratulations! Thanks for playing!

Can't wait to read the book!