Gone Writin'

After a good time in last weekend's Dexter Ann Arbor half-marathon, I'm halfway to full. Sort of. Except for the wall. I'm haunted by that elephant in a tree.

Empty Bench

But, as predicted, my writing runs slower. So, I'm officially taking (at least) the summer off to write search patterns. See you at the finish line!

I had forgotten all about this run. The run started the year I started Grad Library school at U of M in Detroit. My new wife and I moved in 1964 to A2 and had to maneuver around various streets and alleys because of the run, to get to the expressway (back in the days when traffic was zooming along easily at 80mph between A2 and Detroit) to get to work in Detroit.
I remember thinking, "Who would want to do that?" Now I know...my daughter and husband's business are involved in the annual Ft. Worth Turkey Trot 5K and 10K runs.
I've reviewed your book Ambient Findability for a couple of publications, and was involved in some of the initial research for the work being done here at the University of Washington. Keeping found things Found (KFTF.)
That work became another book which I haven't seen. But I've heard the author speak last June about some of the things he said were available now...but not being done, or developed commercially.
Thanks for reminding me of my past, and have fun with your writing/research. I'm sure it will be a great read when done.

You should come over here next spring for Tokyo Marathon!
Shall we run together? :D

My plan is to run one marathon a decade. Of course, I'll revisit the plan when I turn 110. So, I'll put Tokyo on my list. How does 2059 sound? :-)

Congratulations on the half-marathon. Talking with you at the Summit and your running helped inspire me. I have been doing a little running and have signed up for a 5K in September. I am still a long way from a marathon, but making forward progress!

Take care during your writing retreat and talk to you soon.

That's great to hear Dennis! Enjoy your 5K. And, be sure to pay it forward! :-)