Gone Fishin'

We're headed to Sanibel Island to warm our frostbitten fingers and toes.

Sanibel Island

But it won't be all play. We'll be refining our seashell discovery algorithms.

Strange Connections

I'm also collecting examples (e.g., Newssift, Elastic Lists, Crimespotting) of scented widgets and sparklines in search. What are your favorites? Thanks!


Zappos says: "You're watching orders placed on the Zappos website, from all over the United States, coming in and being mapped to the location the order is being shipped to, in real time."

Sanibel is great. I went with my wife and daughter last year and we had a lot of fun sorting through the endless amounts of seashells. Come to think of it, a seashell discovery and sorting algorithm would have been nice to have:-)