Architecture for the Information Age

Yesterday, at IUE 2009, Dan Klyn gave a talk called Now That I See It. I really wish I'd been there. It takes a bit of work to recreate the experience, pulling together the slides and the notes and the tweets, but it's absolutely worth it.

As an extra bonus, Dan has posted a short excerpt from his interview with Richard Saul Wurman. I found it surprisingly refreshing and inspiring.

Strange Connections

What do Niccolò Machiavelli and Mother Teresa have in common? They'd both be proud of John Rhodes for writing this book.

I'm collecting even more search patterns. A great new example is Newssift (thanks Endeca!) which features entity extraction, sentiment analysis, and semantic expansion. Please keep the examples and patterns coming. Thanks!

Peter, you're quite welcome. Thanks back at you for your work on search patterns, which I'm including in my upcoming book on faceted search.


I wish you'd hurry up and finish your book, so I can steal some good ideas for mine ;-)