Information Architecture Practice & Research

The 10th Annual IA Summit presents a good opportunity to revisit the relationship between practice and research, especially given the launch of the Journal of IA, and so I'm hoping to organize a flex track session (most likely on Saturday morning) to discuss challenges and to brainstorm ideas and initiatives.

Topics may include:

  • What is the real/ideal relationship between research and practice?
  • Where can practitioners and researchers collaborate?
  • When do students fit in the picture?
  • Why should we care about this topic?
  • How can ASIS&T, EuroIA, and the IA Institute contribute?
  • Who is missing from this conversation?

If you're interested in participating, let me know, and I'll ping you once we have a time and venue. And, if you have suggestions, please sound off here or there.

I've created a Facebook group... we can post our notes and continue the conversation.