User Experience Week

I'm headed to Lisbon, Portugal in a few weeks to put on a four-day, one-man show called User Experience Week, co-sponsored by FullSIX and Microsoft.

Lisbon, Portugal

I'll be giving a free, public talk and a couple of full-day workshops. Please spread the word! Also, I'd love suggestions for where to go and what to do in Lisbon.

Strange Connections

I'm excited to be joining the board of directors of ASIS&T, the organization that puts on both the IA Summit and Euro IA.

I'm pleased to be receiving (alongside Lou) the Alumni Achievement Award from the University of Michigan's School of Information.

I've added some examples to the Mobile Search collection of Search Patterns. Please let me know what I'm missing!

I'll try to attend your talk and workshops! they seem really great :)

So what to visit in Lisbon...if you have time you must go to Belém, Rossio, Chiado, Terreiro do Paço and Parque das Nações. These are really nice places to visit during the day. At night Bairro Alto is the place ;).

A four-day event called "User Experience Week"? That sounds familiar... Oh, wait:

This seems shifty.

Sorry Peter. My hosts at FullSIX named it, and I've been busy enough the past couple of weeks, I didn't make the connection. Anyway, it's a small, one-time event in Portugal, so I doubt it will cause much confusion...but if you have serious concerns, please let me know, and I'll put you in contact with the event organizer.