Tag Galaxy

If you enjoy playing with interactive, multi-dimensional search result visualizations (and then making fun of them) as much as I do, Tag Galaxy is worth a spin.

Tag Galaxy

Once you get past the fiery star with (conceptually related) orbiting planets, the globe itself presents a surprisingly addictive interface for photo discovery.

Strange Connections

Slides from EuroIA and Picnic are sprouting up. Plus, great posts on Touch. And, if you have a minute, this rabbit video is a lot of fun.

As a supporter and advisor, I'm pleased that Project Information Literacy has been funded, thanks to a generous gift from ProQuest.

Saw this when I was at an alt.search.engines party the other day. It's a fun if not exactly useful information seeking interface. But at least it's pretty, and not just a knock-off of Apple cover-flow (another visually intensive interface whose utility evades me).