Information Architecture Summit

I had a great time at this year's IA Summit. My workshop went well, and though there's room for improvement, I was happy with my first Search Patterns talk.

The quality of the conference sessions was high. My favorites were Content Page Design by Luke Wroblewski, Edge Interfaces by Stephen Anderson, and Placemaking by Dennis Schleicher. I also missed some great ones, as usual.

Other highlights included:

  • Running to Miami Beach for a swim and a walk along Ocean Avenue.
  • Encountering a huge, green, wild iguana (and living to tell the tale).
  • The Argus dinner and the eBay dinner and my big lunch in Little Havana.
  • Spending time with old and new friends (and diving into the twitter stream).

Thanks to everyone (especially these folks) who made this year's summit so wonderful. See y'all next year (February 18 to 22) in Memphis!

Strange Connections

For more vicarious fun, see Crowdvine, Flickr, SlideShare,, Twitter, Blogsearch, and stay tuned to Boxes & Arrows for the podcasts.

I'm returning to Florida in four weeks to keynote Endeca Discover 08.

The IA Institute's annual report is available. Five years and going strong!