My favorite contribution to Search Patterns this week is WineM.


Here's an excerpt from last year's press release:

The smart wine rack uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to track individual bottles in the rack and identifies ones that fit the users' wine selection criteria. Collectors and restaurants can use WineM racks to search collections, track specific bottles, update information about wine in real time, and manage inventory visually...the wine in a collection can now be dynamically reorganized by any combination of year, region, price, or any other information axis that interests the collector or sommelier.

A handheld device accepts queries, and full-color LED lights transform the elegant wine rack and the bottles themselves into a search results interface. The system even supports faceted navigation. Very cool!

Strange Connections

I'm happy my disturbing hole has wormed its way into the minds of futurists.

If you're coming to the IA Summit in Miami, please consider the IA Institute's Leadership Seminar. An important topic and some great speakers!