Jenifer Tidwell: Interview

My research for Search Patterns will include a series of interviews, and I'll blog the highlights. My first is with Jenifer Tidwell, a pioneering curator of interaction and interface design patterns and the author of Designing Interfaces.

Jenifer is currently consulting with Endeca on development of a pattern library for guided navigation, and she's been actively collecting interesting (good and bad) examples of search interfaces. Here are a few:

She also passed along a link (from Will Evans) to Technology Review's special report on Next-Generation Search (free registration required) where I found Midomi, a singing search application that lets you find music with your voice.

Jenifer and I then discussed the need to identify a richer set of search design and behavior patterns (beyond Faceted Navigation and Best Bets) and the importance of illustrating the combinatorial complexity of search system design (e.g., to support user interactions that combine multiple patterns).

In short, a great first interview. Thanks Jenifer!

Strange Connections

Thanks for all the suggested search patterns, examples, ideas, and resources (e.g., Liz Danzico's search interface types). I'm adding to the search pattern library as time allows. Please keep 'em coming!