Russ Unger has written about his value as an information architect or as a user experience practitioner. I personally think it's fine to be both. Either way, I enjoyed seeing his adaptation of my user experience honeycomb.

User Experience Honeycomb modified by Russ Unger

Though, when it comes to longevity, while surface elements may change rapidly, I believe we must strive to create information architectures that will endure at least 5-10 years. I've suggested to Russ that he incorporate Stewart Brand's concept of pace layering (and resilience theory) into his presentation.

Russ has also adapted Peter Boersma's T-Model in support of skills assessment within the context of the project development lifecycle.

User Experience Design Lifecycle

These two articles (especially the visuals) successfully integrate and extend some key ideas about the value of (and the complex relationships between) information architecture and user experience design. Nice work Russ!