As an advisor, I'm happy to see Clueray launch the public beta.


The site is slow and rough, but the idea is promising: a recommendation engine that auto-magically clusters search results by document intent.

Kurt and George are in conversations around licensing their patent-pending IntentMatch technology for use with other search and search-based applications. If you'd like to talk or just provide feedback, please pull this string.

Yea, an interesting idea but definitely needs refinement. When you mentioned clustering I immediately thought of the Carrot2 clustering engine. I wonder how something like that might fit into the interface.

@Rob -- stay tuned! we'll be adding more "focus elements" in the near future.
Our goal with our recommendation engine is to provide users the ability to go beyond the limitations of keywords and more completely specify their intent, before or after the query.

Our first focus element, "Document Intent," groups web documents based on the manner in which information is presented. We see this as being completely complementary to semantic clustering tecniques (a la Carrot2), which are definitely on our radar screen for future revs of the beta.