Mental Models

I had a warm, summery time in New Zealand. Webstock is a wonderfully unique, super-fun experience. Who else treats their speakers to champagne on a double-decker bus? And, I enjoyed wandering around Wellington, swimming off Kapiti, and tramping in the Tararuas. I took a few photos.

Mental Models

The return journey was long. About thirty hours. So, upon arriving home after midnight, it was a nice surprise to find Mental Models waiting in the kitchen.

I'm happy that Indi Young's book has arrived for a couple of reasons. First, it's a great book. I read a draft last summer and was inspired by Indi's fascinating user research process and her exceptional commitment to quality.

Second, it's the first book published by Rosenfeld Media, and I'm so excited to see Lou's dream become reality. As a friend and advisor, I know the tremendous investment it's taken to get this far. Congratulations!!!

Note: If you'd like to buy a copy of Mental Models, use this discount code (FOPETM10) to save 10% off direct purchases from Rosenfeld Media.

Strange Connections

Two more books greeted me when I arrived at the office this morning. The first, Tagging by Gene Smith, is an absolute must-read for anyone who cares about information architecture, social software, or personal knowledge management.

The second, Building Findable Websites by Aarron Walter, is an excellent, practical companion to Ambient Findability. So, which new book is best? Well, you'll have to judge for yourself. I recommend you buy all three, and read them back-to-back while flying to New Zealand. Have a great summer!