If you're considering which conference to attend this winter, don't! Instead, you should join us at Webstock and put some summer in your winter.


Seriously, the programme looks great, and I can't wait to visit New Zealand. Hiking the Tararua range is high on my list, but if you've got suggestions for things to do in the Wellington region, please let me know. Thanks!

Strange Connections

Having recently visited and lectured at the immensely inspiring institution known as the New York Public Library, I enjoyed reading Future Reading.

In Understanding Search Usability, Shari Thurow explores berrypicking (and pogosticking) from usability and seo perspectives.

The folks at Yahoo! Research investigate the use of search results to enhance query classification to improve search results (and advertising).

The UFOs are coming, compliments of Trackstick, Bladerunner GPS, and a host of miscellaneous knowsy gadgets.

Things to do in Wellington

Maranui Surf Club
Deluxe Cafe
Cafe L'affare

Mighty Mighty (toasted sandwiches at 3am always fun)
San Francisco Bathhouse
Havana Bar

more excellent things to do can be found here

plus, Tararua's are really nice, but Lake Waikaremoana and the Tongiriro Crossing are also spectacular.

Thanks Kris. Incidentally, I've just learned a better word for hiker:


Kris has some great suggestions. As a recent American transplant to Wellington, I would also add:
take in the view from up on Mt. Victoria in Wellington (one quick walk is at the top of Marjoribanks St.)
Grab an ice cream at Kaffe Eis and stroll the Oriental Parade shoreline, ending up at Te Papa (there are two of these ice cream stores near the Oriental Parade)

And Nikau is another good cafe right near the conference

...now If only we had a Zingerman's!