Gone Fishin'

We'll be spending a considerable portion of August on holiday. Highlights will include a few days on Lake Willoughby in the Northeast Kingdom and a week on Glen Lake near Sleeping Bear Dunes and Lake Michigan.

Lake Willoughby

I won't really be fishing, but I am looking forward to swimming, hiking, eating, drinking, afternoon naps, and intergenerational storytelling.

I'm planning to read Ender's Game, Glut, Spook Country, and (recursively) The Legend of Sleeping Bear. Our girls are hoping that if they dig deep enough, they just might find the mother bear and her cubs. Happy Summer!

I really enjoyed Ender's Game. You may also want to add Neal Stephenson's, "The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer" to your list. Based on your interests, I think you would find it fascinating.