Second Life

Tomorrow, for the SL IA Summit Redux, I'm giving my first talk in second life. Or, perhaps I should say, Shibuya Callisto (my avatar) will be giving her first talk.

Shibuya Callisto

I had to explain the distinction to our daughters a few nights ago. When I pointed to Shibuya and said "That's me" they started yelling: "That's not you Daddy!"

Anyway, details are here, and if you can't travel to Info Architecture Island, the talk will also be webcast live on lifecrawler. So much for my "secret" identity!

Strange Connections

Wired exposes the wrong way to invest in Second Life.

I'm sure IDEA 2007 and Interaction08 will be great events. I vote to have them co-located in 2009, so we can more easily attend both.

Aaron Goldman asks: Should We Fear Ambient Findability?

Perhaps, but definitely watch out for that Crazy Librarian.

Looking forward to your presentation. I'll check with the IDEA team on the 2009 event details.

My kids are also fascinated with Second Life. My ten year old wants to make me a dog.

Thanks Noreen! Personally, I'd like a pet lemur :-)