Everything is Miscellaneous

I've written a review, (Not) Everything is Miscellaneous, of David Weinberger's new book. While I don't agree with everything, I do recommend it highly.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

Discovering what you want is at least as important as finding what you know you want. (9)
The solution to the overabundance of information is more information. (13)
How we draw lines can have dramatic effects on who has power and who does not. (32)
It would seem that Wikipedia does everything in its power to avoid being an authority, yet that seems only to increase its authority - a paradox that indicates an important change in the nature of authority itself. (142)
Information architects - the professionals who design the organization of and human interface with information. (165)

Judging by the way it's climbing the charts at Amazon, Everything is Miscellaneous is destined to change the way lots of folks think about organization and knowledge. Congratulations David!