A Twittery Summit

Being a late adopter, lone wolf librarian living in the wintry hinterland of the American Midwest, I only discovered twitter after it tipped the tuna.

And, of course, I made fun of it before even trying it. That said, and despite its poor event functionality, I'm looking forward to a very twittery IA Summit.

So, if you're headed to Sin City, even if you don't know me, let's be promiscuous and add each other as friends. But be forewarned that what happens in Vegas, stays on YouTube. See you on Twittervision!

Strange Connections

George Lorenzo has published the first chapter (free PDF) of his new book about communication technology and information literacy.

Roy Lachica wants feedback on fuzzzy, his sociosemantic bookmarking system.

John Hagel says findability leads to fundability.

I just received my shiny new copy of the 2007 Enterprise Search Sourcebook. Looks interesting! (Full Disclosure: I'm in it :-)