Magnus Revang has created a new version of my original honeycomb focused on the process of user experience design.

Not Honeycombs

His version provokes thought about process (which is good), but I find its semi-circular linearity limiting. More importantly, it's not a honeycomb! We could call it the user experience donut where the real value lies in the (w)hole.

Strange Connections

I'm off to Australia, where I plan to visit the honeycombs of Balmoral Beach and teach an IA & Search Workshop in Sydney. Also, Eric Scheid is organizing an informal IA cocktail hour on Friday, starting around 5:30 pm at the Greenwood.

My Dot-Green Future by Bruce Sterling and Hands On (via Bruce's Beyond) are both worth a read.

Digital photos can now enjoy ambient findability (via Dan) and the united states patent office goes 2.0 (via Dan).

Okay, no more links. I'm headed up above.