Happy Holidays!

My friends at Q LTD have created Hugs for the Holidays, a delightfully practical guide to holiday hugging etiquette.

Hugs for the Holidays

Personally, I believe the tips for hug elusion will prove especially helpful during the holiday season. Beware the ambiguous hugger!

Strange Connections

I've joined the advisory board of GeoQwest, an ambitious venture dedicated to ambient findability. First up? Let's talk about that musical web site.

Daniel Torres Burriel has produced a rough Spanish translation of IA 3.0. My friend, Mari-Carmen Marcos, assures me that the first sentence does not translate to "Peter Morville is on crack." I'll have to trust her on that one.

Karen Loasby's 2001 to 2006: Five Years of Information Architecture is good end-of-year reading. Time flies (and so does Santa).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!