Information Architecture Travels

Tomorrow, I leave for Government CIO at the Hotel del Coronado. Then, after a stop in Washington, I'm off to Chile for the 1st Latin American IA Retreat and the 7th Society & Information Technologies Encounter.

Information Architecture Travels

I'm looking forward to hanging out with an international mix of IAs again, and will be very happy to leave the snows of Ann Arbor for the warm, summery weather of San Diego, Santiago, and Santa Cruz.

Strange Connections

The 2006 edition of Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines is available for print or purchase.

It won't be long before whereistim goes mainstream, but for now, Verizon's offering looks pretty lame.

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Is the wishlist up to date ? Are you sure about 100 pounds of Roquefort ?

The podcast @
was very informative

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Looking forward to your impressions..

Cheers, Kishore.

Please post if you will be speaking anywhere while you are in Santa Cruz... or anywhere in the Bay Area

Yes, my wishlist is current. It's also a joke :-)

Sorry, the Santa Cruz I'm talking about is in Chile...and I don't have any plans for a Bay Area visit.