CIO Insight

I was recently interviewed by CIO Insight magazine about Why Information Architecture Matters. I'm not sure I did justice to the topic, but at least I managed to put concepts like authority, credibility, and information architecture in front of 50,000 CIOs. Oh yeah, and I did mention Ambient Findability though I suspect most CIOs have neither the time nor inclination to actually read books.

Apart from everything else, I really liked your take on "usability" which, rightly said, has come to equate to quality. Sometimes it's exactly perceived what it is not. And that really kills it. I am also amused by the fact that the lack of interest or time is ubiquitous in all parts of the world :)

Hi Peter, I read through the interview and liked most your answer to the very last question...
A bit of optimism, that's what we really need :)

Peter, don't sell yourself short. Pretty soon we will be knocking your door down in search of a competitive edge for our businesses.

I agree it is difficult to measure findability, but generally users know a good site when they use it to find information.

One unrelated metric that comes to mind is signal to noise ratio. How much unrelated data are you exposed to as you narrow down where you want to go. God knows we all have limited information bandwidth.