Tokyo Lemur

I'm off to Akihabara for Design IT and the launch of the Japanese lemur. This will be my first visit to Asia, and the fourth continent on my book tour.

Ambient Findability

If you're in the neighborhood, please come to a party for friends of IAI and CMPros, at 8 pm on Wednesday April 12, at the Rose & Crown Akihabara (2nd floor, Akihabara Station Front Plaza Building). It's all you can eat and drink for 4,000 yen. For details, please contact Toshikazu Shinohara (CMPros) or Nobuya Sato (IAI). Cheers!

Let's celebrate the birth of tokyo lemur together!

Hope we have a fun night.
Don't worry, we are not planning to hang you all night long :)

I hope you mean "we are not planning to keep you out all night long." In the English language, "to hang" is not always a pleasant prospect. Since I'm a trusting fellow, I guess I'll assume the best and still come to Tokyo :-)

Ummm. Sorry for my bad English.
Well, that the reason why I want to go to the school before applying my grad program at XXXX university. (dokodaka ha naisho) :D

I'm home! My visit to Japan was a wonderful experience. Thanks to everyone who helped to make my time in Tokyo so interesting and enjoyable!

Here are some photos:

Now all I need is some sleep :-)

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