Michigan Mashup

As an advisor to the University of Michigan Press, I'm pleased to announce that nominations are open for The Best of Technology 2006. In other Ann Arbor news, Mind and Maze (PDF) by Ann Devlin promises to be interesting:

Her expertise lies in environmental psychology, particularly in the creation of more humanistic environments in housing for the elderly and psychiatric hospitals. She also specializes in wayfinding, the study of the manner in which environments (through their design and layout) and people (through their creation of maps and other tools) provide cues to help people navigate from an origin to a destination.

Also, Ed Vielmetti is organizing a Library 2.0 Unconference in April.

Strange Connections

At SXSW, Jed Rice of Skyhook Wireless demo'd Loki for me. It feels like 2006 will be the Year of LBS. In related news, Adam Greenfield delivered a great SXSW talk, and his new book Everyware is now available.