Japanese Lemurs

Noriyo Asano has a difficult job. She's translating Ambient Findability into Japanese, a task made particularly tricky by the way I play with the English language. Here are some of the phrases Noriyo has questioned:

Technology has entered the shadow lands of Lost and Found, and we ain't seen nothin' yet.
One man's paradise is another man's oblivion.
I'll bet it's easy and fun, in a disturbing sort of way, like shooting fish in a barrel.
Documents enable us to stand on the shoulders of giants. Information is heady stuff indeed.

Translation is inevitably a lossy process, but hopefully by collaborating we can do better than Google's automagic translation of Noriyo's blog. You've gotta love the Rosenfeld Media post!

Anyway, I'll soon find out what got lost in translation, because thanks to Toshikazu Shinohara of Sociomedia, I'm headed to Tokyo in April for the 2006 Design IT conference and the Spring of the Japanese lemur.

I've never seen the Google's translation of my blog and now it scares me... It's almost a disaster! :P
Anyway my goal is just around the corner. I can't wait to take Japanese readers into this amazing book like the garden of forking paths.