The Geospatial Web

Unless I'm bumped by someone more important, I'll be interviewed next week on NPR's On Point about the geospatial web:

If you have suggestions for amazing, crazy, scary, funny, or ingenious ideas or examples (related to the geospatial web), please send them my way.

And, if you want to tune in, the show will be broadcast live on Tuesday, January 3rd, between 11 am and 12 pm EST. On Point lists stations and play times around the country, and there's a Listening Center for streams and podcasts.

Peter, you might want to take a look at Arborwiki - - which uses a geospatial organizing principle, a map of the streets of Ann Arbor, to link information together.

State Street at is probably the best developed, but the rest of downtown gets pretty good coverage. I'll make sure there's a page for Catherine Street too.

The first instance of the geospatial web of course would be Colossal Cave (Adventure), a game played on a map of Bedquilt Cave in Kentucky. A good summary is here:

There was a game played on an online map of the streets of Ann Arbor, HeroMUD. I wrote about it once upon a time here:



Thanks for putting this topic into geospatial and historical perspective Ed :-)