My recent visit to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro rates as one of my best travel experiences ever. Here are a few highlights:

Brazil Photos

Also, I can't resist retelling the story of Carlos Franco and the Lemur. A couple of weeks before my visit, Carlos took Ambient Findability to the beach. He fell asleep during one of the boring bits, and awoke later that afternoon with a terrible sunburn. Carlos realized he had been cursed by the lemur (which he now calls "the evil monkey from hell").

Speaking of the laughing lemur, I was surprised to learn how difficult it is to get the book in Brazil. It's not available in bookstores, and shipping either costs a lot or takes forever. Fortunately, Livia is organizing an international book smuggling operation. Just don't tell O'Reilly.

One of my favourite songs is Corcovado by Antonio Carlos Jobim. He also wrote the Girl from Ipanema.

If you're not familiar with Jobim's work, there's a great best-of:

(link to Amazon)

Glad you liked our country =)

Sadly, I was unable to travel to either Rio or Sao Paulo to attend to your speaking. I live in Brasília, and air tickets are very expensive for us these days...

I just tried to buy your book from Livraria Cultura ( It costs R$94,94 and takes 6 weeks to arrive. It's a lot of money and a lot of waiting, so, if there is going to be some smuggling, I'd really like to know ;)

Well, I hope you come back here soon. Next time I'll find a way to be there =)


I'm from Rio and reading this post just made me really home sick.

Did you try the cheese ball bread? How about the all you can eat Churrasco?

Really glad to see Brazilains are as much as they can up to date with the good stuff!

I did have some cheese balls, and some delicious shrimp balls too, but no Churrasco...maybe next time :-)