Lemur Travels

With just over a week left, the Laughing Lemur Contest is now in full swing with colorful entries appearing from around the world.

Laughing Lemur Contest Photos

And, after returning from London yesterday, I'm about to wrap up my tri-continental book publicity tour with a visit to Brazil. I'm looking forward to meeting up with information architects and findability fanatics in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. I'm also looking forward to coming home to Ann Arbor and getting some rest. It's been an exciting but exhausting couple of months.

Strange Connections


While in São Paulo will you participate in any other event other than the TerraForum?

Cheers and enjoy your visit to Brazil!

TerraForum (and Livia Labate) organized an IA Institute gathering at a bar after my Sao Paulo workshop. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to publicize it beyond the aifia-pt list...


...but thanks to everyone who helped organize it and everyone who came and drank beers!