Laughing Lemur Contest

December 13, 2005: We have a winner. Thanks for playing!

Together with sponsors Q LTD and O'Reilly Media, I'm pleased to announce the one and only Laughing Lemur Contest (LLC).

To enter, snap a photo that includes the lemur, upload it to Flickr, and tag it with ambientfindability.

Entries will be accepted through December 11, 2005. At that time, a panel of judges will review the photos and select a winner.

Evaluation criteria include popularity (in Flickr, Google,, comicality (make the lemur laugh), and other facets of the user experience.

The winner will receive a $500 Amazon Gift Certificate, a $100 O'Reilly Gift Certificate, and autographed copies of the lemur and polar bear books.

Employees of Semantic Studios, Q LTD, and O'Reilly Media may submit photos but are not eligible to win.

Sweet - I'm about to go to Auckland (NZ), Perth and Sydney (AU), so I should get some good photo opportunities for the lemur.

Brilliant and novel marketing idea, Peter. Perhaps the IA community ( could steal your idea for the purpose of promoting the IA field.