Ambient Findability Interviews

This is the most current and comprehensive list of Ambient Findability interviews in the known universe.

Tagsonomy (postscript to Authority).

The Geospatial Web (OnPoint on NPR).

A VerySpatial Podcast by Sue and Jesse.

Entrepreneur Magazine (WS Radio).

Infonomia (mostly in English).

Link by Bruno Garattoni (Portuguese).

Interview by Tomy Lorsch (Spanish).

Fucinaweb by Antonio Volpon.

NFAIS (members only).

Information in Formation by Roy Christopher and Ryan Lane.

UBC Google Scholar by Dean Giustini.

Business Week and AIGA Voice by Liz Danzico.

Boxes & Arrows by Liz Danzico.

SXSW Studio SX by Liz Danzico (Quicktime and MPEG-4).

Washington Post (Online Discussion).

If I've missed an interview, please let me know.