Leapin' Lemurs

It's been a long haul, but the lemur book is almost here. With a projected in-stock date of September 27, it's not too early to pre-order.

In the meantime, you can read the first chapter (PDF) and table of contents, and check out some advance praise:

"I envy the young scholar who finds this inventive book, by whatever strange means are necessary. The future isn't just unwritten -- it's unsearched." - Bruce Sterling
"A lively, enjoyable and informative tour of a topic that's only going to become more important." - David Weinberger

Oh, and it's not too late to learn about our prosimian relatives from the island of Madagascar, though sadly, lemurs are in danger of becoming unfindable.

I have just ordered my copy and am looking forward to that heavy thunk on my doormat that will mean I can curl up on my sofa and look forward to reading this for the first time.

When I pull the cardboard open on a new amazon book purchase I feel like a ten year old on Christmas Day.


I love lemurs, by the way. My daughter and I can't get enough of watching them at the zoo.

I added my own drop in the bucket of ubiquity over at inkblurt: http://www.inkblurt.com/archives/267

Thanks for that chapter -- now I'm really looking forward to more. In lieu of trackback (which I don't see enabled here), here is the commentary I posted over at the lbr virtual-reference blog: http://lbr.library-blogs.net/ambient_findability.htm

Thanks for the great chapter. It gives me much inspiration and motivation.
I've introduced this book in Japanese, towards IA folks here in Japan, in my own blog post:

I read the polar bear book in class last year and it changed my (Web) life. Really looking forward to leaping with lemurs this fall.

Thanks for all the great feedback about the first chapter of the lemur book, and for the constructive criticism about the blog. We've already made some improvements. Keep 'em coming. Cheers!