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My wife (a librarian) loves to tell me that I'm not a real librarian. And she's right. While I do have the degree, I've never served as a librarian. But, I do care a whole awful lot about the future of libraries and their impact upon our schools and society, which is why I wrote the following two articles.

Architects of Learning

It's a tough time to be a teacher. The bureaucracy is stifling. The politics are worse. And, the irresistible force of disruptive innovation has come to school. Everywhere you look, entrepreneurs sell silver bullets that will save our kids from the assembly line. Some teachers quit. That's understandable but sad, because while the system must change and technology will prove transformative, when the dust settles, teachers will continue to serve ...

Inspiration Architecture

The library in 2020 is the last bastion of truth. Sure, you can search yottabytes of free data by simply batting an eyelash. But it's dangerous to believe what you see through the iGlass lens. As you learned the hard way back in the Facebook era, if you're not paying for it, you are the product. That research study about the safety and efficacy of Lipitor Lollipops™ was sponsored by ...

I'm not sure what's next. These articles may be tiny seeds for a big book, or not. For now, I'm happy to have these ideas out there, and I look forward to talking about them at some upcoming conferences. See you on the road!

Strange Connections

This year's World IA Day is in 15 cities, including Ann Arbor.

Understanding IA has over 100,000 views. Thanks for spreading the word!

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