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Boston Marathon

I ran the Boston Marathon. That's why we do it. To say those five words. In running circles, qualifying for the world's oldest marathon affords bragging rights. And, I must confess that after the success of my first marathon, further ego gratification was a significant part of my mission.

Peter Morville

But my second marathon didn't go according to plan. I got off to a strong start and felt good through the Wellesley Scream Tunnel, but by mile 20, it was my knees that were screaming, and I was seriously fearing a DNF.

So, for the first time ever in a race, I walked. I walked up Heartbreak Hill. I walked past the Citgo Sign. I walked past thousands of cheering fans, whilst thousands of runners passed me. It was a difficult, chastening experience.

But, I was one of the fastest walkers. And I did finish. And my Mum, Dad, and Sister were waiting at the end to celebrate. And I received wonderful messages from friends. Heck, I even got a word of support from AOTUS.

Upon reflection, I wouldn't change a moment of my marathon, because it's not about winning or running fast or even about finishing the race.

A marathon is about trying something difficult, giving it your best, and being truly inspired and humbled by those who cheer you on.

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Pervasive Information Architecture

When we met last week at the IA Summit in Denver, Andrea Resmini gave me a wonderful surprise, a hard copy of Pervasive Information Architecture.

Pervasive Information Architecture

To celebrate this important book's publication, I'm posting the foreword. And, if that doesn't convince you to buy the book, then read it again!

Strange Connections

Slides from my Ubiquitous Information Architecture workshop.

Thanks to Martin Belam, here's a fantastic collection of IA Summit slides.

Brilliant closing plenary by Cennydd Bowles.

I'm running the Boston Marathon (BIB#4228) in two weeks. Wish me luck!

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