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I was enjoying this video about the SixthSense project, which I learned about from this IxDA post when this crazy lemur leapt onto the screen...

SixthSense Lemur

...and made my day. Very cool! Oh, and if you like that video, you'll also like these videos about Project Natal for the Xbox. Thanks for the links Amit!

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Information Architecture with Maps

I'm working on a brand new workshop for UX London in May:

A map is a powerful tool for navigating and understanding physical, digital, intellectual, and social space. In this workshop, we'll explore how maps can improve the process and product of classic and cross-media information architecture and user experience design.

That's all I have! But, I'm convinced that information architect as cartographer is a relatively uncharted territory worthy of exploration. And Richard Saul Wurman agrees. But, I could sure use some help. If you have reactions, suggestions, or recommended reading, please let me know. Thanks!

Strange Connections

IA for Ubiquitous Ecologies (PDF) by Andrea Resmini and Luca Rosati is a short, powerful paper about designing cross-media experiences.

Stacy Surla has written a great article about Citizen-Centric Portals.

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