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Two Marathons

I'm not a big believer in New Year's Resolutions. My last one, several years ago, was to be better at getting revenge. Sadly, as with most resolutions, I failed. But, I do believe in setting goals. This year, I hope to run my first marathon and to write a new book. I suspect the latter goal will prove the harder. That's why I'm excited to have ensnared Jeffery Callender as co-author of Search Patterns.

Tear Down The Wall

And, to kick-start our collaboration, we've co-authored UX Deliverables. Please do let us know what you think. And, please wish me luck! On both marathons!

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Information Architecture Summit # 10

The program for the tenth annual IA Summit is online. I recall the inaugural event fondly. And, I'm excited by the people and topics on the Memphis agenda.

Graceland at Night

I'm leading my Information Architecture 3.0 tutorial, and I hope to organize a flex track session on strengthening the bridge between research and practice.

In addition to twittering at the Peabody, we'll be walking in Memphis, going to Graceland, and learning how the Web was woven. Should be fun!

Strange Connections

If you can't make it to Memphis (or even if you can), check out this year's impressive lineup of books and webinars at Rosenfeld Media.

Designing Gestural Interfaces inspired me to buy The Clapper. I love it and so do our kids! Remember the original ad? What a blast from the past!

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