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Keeping Found Things Found

I've been a fan of KFTF for some time, so I was happy to serve as a technical editor for William Jones' book about personal information management.

Keeping Found Things Found

And, I'm even happier to see that Keeping Found Things Found will ship within a few weeks. It's priced as a textbook, but after you read my blurb...

Keeping Found Things Found is the missing manual for 21st century literacy. We're at the epicenter of a rapidly expanding universe of personal information. Books, music, photos, videos, email, contacts, calendars, wills, bills, records, and receipts: how can we keep our piles and files from spiraling out of control? William Jones has the answer in this important book about finding our memories and organizing our lives. A must-read for designers, developers, librarians, and anyone else who cares about the future of information interaction.

...I'm sure you won't be able to resist finding and keeping this book.

Strange Connections

I've joined the advisory board of Clueray, a search startup based in Ann Arbor. Kurt Skifstad, the founder and president, is headed to Silicon Valley to talk with potential partners and investors. If you'd like to talk with Kurt, let me know.

I recently stumbled upon Bruce Sterling's hand-scribbled visual essay on Understanding the Spime. It's nice to see the ambient findability meme is securely lodged in the brain of my favorite science fiction author.

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Elastic Lists

This is a wonderful demo of elastic lists by designer Moritz Stefaner.

Elastic Lists

The visual nature of the interface really encourages you to explore and interact and play with the data set, an example of information aesthetics in action.

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